Seasonal offers for Auto-NEWS and other events in Keutschach / Pyramidenkogel

We stay busy throughout the year! We celebrate events like Saint Antonius, the annual Auto-News, Kirchtag, Sautone, Eastern or Christmas in our Restaurant. For each and every event we serve an adequate menue and try to indulge our guests with different tastes.

Spring and summer

On Carnival Tuesday, starting at 2:31 pm, our annual children´s carnival takes place and every child gets a carnival-donut for free. We also have an extensive programm to entertain the little ones. Appropriate to the season we serve our guests a variety of specialties from the lamp and the Carinthian „Reindling“ around easter time. On Mother´s Day we create a special Mother´s Day Menue to enchant all mothers. In the summer, when it´s time for fresh air, your children can use our outdoor playground which is equipped with a lot of different play devices and the go-cart track is open as well. Many guests are excited to pay a visit to the spectacular Auto-News.

Fall and winter

We have different speciality-weeks from October to April. First of all we present menues with mushrooms and game (like deer and boar) In the following month of November we invite you to enjoy our tasty „Martinigansl“ with dumplings, sweet chestnuts, roasted apple, croquettes, red cabbage and more. In December we upgrade our usual menue with steak-specials.

On New Years Day we celebrate a tradition called „Sauschädelschmaus“ (eating the meat of a pig´s head). On January the 1st our guests have the opportunity to taste a slice of the pig´s head with some fresh apple horseradish and bread for free. Can you imagine a more perfect start into the New Year? The day before, on New Year´s Eve, our chef de cuisine creates a festive menue for our guests. During Christmas Time we indulge our guests with extraordinary specials.On January the 17th the Restaurant Karawankenblick on the Pyramidenkogel hosts an event called „Sautone“. The festivities will be accompanied with acoustic music.
During the winter there is the possibility to rent one of our two artificial ice rinks. To practice the Carinthian curling.