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We are glad to welcome you here! Our dishes are always served freshly and diligently prepared. Therefore we ask for a little of yours patience. We were awarded the AMA-seal for our fresh preparation of food and the use of regional products.

Enjoy your meal and have a good time, yours Schaschl family.


  • buffalo mozzarella with tomatos
  • beef carpaccio
  • smoked filet of char with creamy horseradish sauce

  • beef broth with sliced pancakes
  • beef broth with liver dumpling
  • garliccreamsoup

  • green salad
  • mixed salad
  • fried chicken strips served with salad
  • house salad with breaded camembert
fish dishes

  • filet of carinthian ´´Lax´n´´´fried au naturel, with horeseradish potatoes
  • natural trout from ´´Carinthia´´ with potatoes
chef's specialities

  • mixed grill „Karawankenblick“ (grilled and fried meat (beef and pork) served with french-fries and beans with bacon
  • chicken on spit with rice
  • ´´Hauspfandl´´ with spaetzle egg noodles, pork tenderloin in mushroom sauce
  • sirloin steak with fried onions and hash browns
  • slice of pork ´´ Carinthia´´ with fried egg, bacon and cheese and rice
typical Carinthian dishes

  • „Kärntner Kasnudel“ – ravioli stuffed with curd cheese and potato served with salad
  • ravioli stuffed with meat served with sauerkraut and greaves
  • mozzarella ravioli with salad and parmesan butter
  • „Maischerl“ - pearl barley and head pork served with potato and sauerkraut
  • „Beuschel“ – boiled pork (heart and lungs) in creamy sauce served with bread dumpling
  • ,,Käsespätzle" - Spaetzle with cheese and salad

  • filet steak (beef steak) served with baked potato
  • turkey steak in curry sauce with rice
  • pepper steak (beef steak with pepper sauce) served with potato croquettes
fried dishes

  • Viennese Schnitzel (breadcrumbed and fried cutlet) (pork from Carinthia) served with french-fried potatoes
  • cordon bleu (pork from Carinthia) served with potato

  • strudel with curd cheese
    • with pouring custard
    • with whipped cream
  • apple strudel
    • with pouring custard
    • with whipped cream
    • with ice cream
  • pancakes (2 pieces) with nutella
  • raisin omelette cut up into pieces
  • pancakes with ice cream
  • chocolate cake with ice cream
  • pancakes (2 pieces) with jam
spirits and liqueur

  •  shots
    • fruit schnaps
    • apricot spirit
    • Williams pear or cherry spirit
    • slivovitz or rowan berry spirit
  • liqueur
    • Baileys
    • Amaretto
  • cognac
    • Remy Martin
  • brandy
    • Asbach
    • Scharlachberg
  • bitters
    • Rossbacher
    • Fernet
    • Underberg
    • Gurktaler Alpenkräuter
  • sparkling wine
    • Henkel dry
    • Piccolo

  • Americano
  • decaffeinated coffee
  • flat white coffee
  • instant coffee
  • cappuccino
  • espresso
  • double espresso
  • coffee with whipped cream
  • tea with lemon or milk
red and white wine

  • Grüner Veltliner from the Kamptal
  • white wine spritzer
  • white mezzo (white wine with Sprite)
  • Blauer Zweigelt from the Kamptal
  • red wine spritzer
  • red mezzo (red wine with Fanta)
wine by the bottle

  • Chardonnay (winery of the Bauer family, Gamlitz, South of Styria)
  • Welschriesling (winery of Franz Etz, Kamptal, Lower Austria)
  • Cabernet (winery of the Bauer family, Gamlitz, South of Styria)
  • Umathum Zweigelt (winery of the Umathum family, Frauenkirchen, Burgenland)
soft drinks

  • Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola light
    • with soda/still water
  • Almdudler, Fanta (orangeade), Sprite (lemonade), ice tea
    • with soda/still water
  • Tonic Water or Bitter Lemon
  • mineral water (still or sparkling)
  • mineral water “Emotion” (with flavour)
  • fruit juice
    • orange juice
    • apple juice
    • redcurrant/mango/ multivitamin/apricot/pear/strawberry
      • with soda&still water
appetizer and beer

  • appetizer
    • Martini dry, bianco, rosso
    • Campari Soda
    • Campari Orange
  • beer
    • Villacher draft beer (lager)
    • wheat beer (Franziskaner)
    • dark beer
    • Schloßgold (alcohol-free)
    • wheat beer (alcohol-free)
    • “Radler” lager beer spritzed with lemonade (Almdudler)

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